Family mediation

Family mediation is a special social service provided for in the Marriage Act. Family mediation is most commonly used in a situation where spouses are contemplating the possibility of a divorce or have already decided to get divorced. Mediation may also be used to find a solution to disagreements arising after a divorce, for example if the divorcing spouses disagree on the meetings with their common child. The goal of mediation is to solve the disputes by way of negotiations and agreements between the parties. The mediator shall pay special attention to securing the position of the children in the family.

Cohabiting partners and registered partners may also use family mediation services.

The use of mediation services is based on voluntariness. Discussions conducted during a family mediation process are confidential.

The municipal social welfare services are responsible for providing family mediation services. Also other instances and persons authorised to provide mediation services offer family mediation (for more information, see the brochure Family mediation). Further information on family mediation is available at the municipal social welfare services.