Contact details

Public services

Information for crime victims, contact details of the police departments, and the electronic form for reporting an offence.
- In an emergency, call 112.

General emergency number: 112

Judicial system:
Information on courts, prosecutors, legal aid and enforcement. Contact details of the local authorities, information on using the services of the judicial system, and forms.

Legal aid, legal aid offices:
Information on legal aid and applying for legal aid, and contact details of the legal aid offices. E-services also available.

State Treasury:
Information on state-funded compensation for crime damage and applying for the compensation as well as the application form. Customer service available online and by telephone, tel. 0295 50 2736.

Mediation offices:
Information on mediation in criminal and civil cases. Contact details of the mediation offices.

Social welfare and healthcare services:
Information on the social welfare and healthcare services provided by the municipalities. The victim may use these services under the same conditions as all the other clients.

Shelter services:
Information on shelters, where persons who have experienced violence or threat of violence can receive protection and assistance in order to end the violence. Contact details of the 24-hour shelters, some of which are maintained by municipalities and some of which are maintained by different organisations.

Assistance system for victims of human trafficking:
Information on the assistance system for victims of human trafficking and admittance to it. Joutseno Reception Centre, tel. 029 546 3177.

Support services provided by organisations

Victim Support Finland english/
Support for all victims of crime, including witnesses and friends and family of the victim. Assistance and advice necessary for victims to be able to exercise their rights in the criminal procedure. National helpline, legal advice, online support service. Provision of support persons as a regional service form.
- National Helpline: 116 006 (free of charge)
- Legal advice: 0800 161 177 (free of charge)

A nationwide free-of-charge 24/7 helpline against domestic violence and violence against women: 080 005 005

Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters
Shelter services for persons who have been exposed to violence or threat of violence in their families or intimate relationships and need support to survive the situation and a temporary place to live in. Different types of community care services for solving a crisis caused by domestic violence and for overcoming the crisis. Telephone counselling, opportunity to discuss with an expert in anti-violence work, guided peer support groups, and supportive housing services.

Online family shelter
An online service provided by the Federation of Mother and Child Homes and Shelters to help all parties suffering from violence.

Rape crisis centre Tukinainen
Support and guidance for victims of sexual violence and/or abuse and their families and friends. Also an online assistance service.
- Crisis telephone: 0800 97899
- Legal advice: 0800 97895

MONIKA - Multicultural Women’s Association, Finland
Low threshold services, legal advice and shelter for immigrant women and children who have been exposed to violence. Service available in several different languages, also the support person service.
- National helpline: 09 692 2304
- Shelter Mona: 045 639 6274 (24 hours)

Women's Line
Guidance and support for women and girls concerned about violence. Information available online and by telephone. Tel. 0800 02400.

HUOMA - Association of families and friends of homicide victims
Peer support for families and friends of homicide victims, tel. 050 401 2230.

The Finnish Association for Mental Health
Help in different crisis situations.
- Crisis telephone: 010 195 202

Crisis centre online
Help in everyday crises.

Suvanto – For a Safe Old Age
Help, peer support and legal advice for elderly people against violence and mistreatment.
- SUVANTO helpline: 0800 06776

Support and help in crises for young people, families with children, and senior citizens.
- Helpline for young people, tel. 045 341 0583
- Telephone service Aamukorva for senior citizens, tel. 045 341 0504 (every morning at 5 - 9).