Who can apply for a restraining order?

Typical cases in which a restraining order may be used include the harassment of a former spouse or co-habiter by contacting him/her, trying to visit him/her as well as situations in which an adult child attempts to extort money from his/her elderly parent. The restraining order can also be used to protect e.g. the witness of a trial.

The provisions on a restraining order inside a family can also be applied when persons cohabit for other reasons than because they are a couple. A restraining order is possible for example when a parent encounters violence from an adult child living in the same house or household.

However, a restraining order can be applied for by anyone who justifiably feels himself/herself threatened or harassed by another.

Also a prosecuting, police or social service authority may apply for the order if the person threatened is too afraid or unable to do it himself/herself.