Cost of legal aid

The expenses to be collected from the recipient of legal aid consist of the deductible and the legal aid charge.


The recipient of legal aid is to pay a percentage of the fee of the attorney (basic deductible). The percentage depends on the monthly available means of the applicant as follows:

Single person

Available means up to Basic deductible
EUR 600 0 %
EUR 800 20 %
EUR 900 30 %
EUR 1,050 40 %
EUR 1,150 55 %
EUR 1,300 75 %

When the monthly available means exceed EUR 1,300, legal aid will not be granted.

Spouses together

Available means up to Deductible
EUR 1,100 0 %
EUR 1,400 20 %
EUR 1,600 30 %
EUR 2,000 40 %
EUR 2,200 55 %
EUR 2,400 75 %

When the monthly available means exceed EUR 2,400, legal aid will not be granted.

The wealth of the recipient of legal aid increases his or her liability, if the value of bank deposits, shares in a housing company, real estates or other assets exceeds EUR 5,000 (supplementary deductible). Liabilities are deducted from the assets. A permanent home, a normal recreational residence and a car or loans taken for the acquisition of these are, however, omitted from the calculation.

In inventories of the estate, assets of the deceased are fully taken into account, and they are added to the amount of the supplementary deductible (increased supplementary deductible). In addition, assets received e.g. as an inheritance or in the distribution of matrimonial property are taken into account when determining the amount of supplementary deductible.

The amount of the deductible is determined once the matter has been settled. An advance towards the deductible may be collected.

The recipient of legal aid must inform the legal aid office of changes in his or her income, expenditures or wealth. If the financial circumstances of the recipient of legal aid change, the legal aid office may amend the legal aid decision in a corresponding manner. When the decision is amended, a decision is also made whether the amendment is to apply retroactively.

Legal aid charge

The legal aid charge amounts to EUR 70 and it is collected from all applicants except for those who are entitled to legal aid free of charge, that is, without a deductible.