What are the contents of family mediation?

Family mediation is a separate service provided within the social and family counselling services. The purpose of the procedure is to find a solution to the conflicts between the parties through discussions and negotiations.

The mediator shall be impartial in regard to both the matters to be handled and the parties involved. The mediator does not make any decisions on behalf of the parties, but assists and supports them in finding suitable and working solutions to their conflicts.

Mediation is meant to be a short-term arrangement, during which the mediator meets with the parties a few times. If needed, the mediator may also advise the parents to seek help from other services. For example child guidance and family counselling centres may help and support families in form of long-term therapeutic work. Municipalities and various NGOs also provide support and assistance in divorce situations free of charge. Information and guidance provided by an expert is also often available.

Participation in family mediation is voluntary.