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Videoconferencing in court proceedings

By the use of video conferencing in court proceedings, persons in two or more different localities can see and hear each other in real time.

Videoconferencing may be used

  • in Finnish trials for conferences between courts,
  • in handling of matters concerning coercive measures, so that the defendant or the suspect for an offence does not need to be present in person in court and
  • in cross-border trials in compliance with the provisions in international treaties.

In addition to the court, also a party or his/her counsel, a witness or the person who is to be heard in the case may propose the use of videoconferencing in the trial. The chairman in the case decides if videoconferencing may be used. Inquiries concerning the use of videoconferencing in court proceedings can be addressed to the court in question.

If the person who is to be heard in the case is located in another locality or abroad, videoconferencing may be the best solution for all parties. Videoconferencing may be used both in connection to the main hearing and the preparatory hearing.

All courts and prisons have videoconferencing equipment.

The use of videoconferencing aims to improve court services. By using videoconferencing in court proceedings evidence costs can be saved without compromising the legal safeguards.

Published 10.4.2017