How to appeal?

Anyone who is dissatisfied with a decision of a public authority in an administrative matter may lodge an appeal against it to the administrative court.

The appeal may de presented in free form. However, The appeal document must indicate:
1. The decision challenged
2. The amendments demanded
3. The grounds on which the challenge is based.
4. The appellant’s name, municipality of domicile and contact information
5. Signature

An appeal to the administrative court must be filed in writing. The appellant or a representative may deliver the appeal document to the registry of the administrative court or send it by post. Process documents can also be sent to the court by telefax or e-mail. Appeals may also be lodged in the e-services of administrative and special courts. The electronic services are available in Finnish and Swedish.

For an appeal to be admitted, it must have reached the administrative court on the last day of the appeal period, before 4:15pm. This also applies to documents submitted in the e-services and via email. An appeal that is out of time is not admitted.

The following shall be appended to the appeal document:
1. The decision challenged and the appeal instructions, in the original or as a copy
2. A certificate on the date of notice of the decision, for example a copy of the acknowledgement of receipt, or other evidence on the date when the appeal period began to run
3. The documents on which the appellant relies in support of his demand, unless
these have already earlier been delivered to the authority
4. The power of attorney, the attorney is an advocate or a public legal aid attorney

Judicial procedure

When the administrative court has received a letter of appeal it obtains a statement on the matter from the authority that made the challenged decision. It also acquires the documents on which the decision was based. After that, the administrative court requests the appellant to comment on the statements and reports it has obtained. If needed, oral hearings and inspections may also be held to supply additional information necessary to decide the matter.

Decisions of the administrative are always given in writing. Appeals against decisions of the administrative courts are usually lodged with the Supreme Administrative Court. In many case categories appeals to the Supreme Administrative Court require leave to appeal.

A court fee is payable for most administrative court decisions. On 2019 the court fee is 260 euros. No fee is payable if a decision of a lower court is amended in favour of the appellant by an administrative court. In addition, no fee is charged for most proceedings initiated by private persons concerning healthcare and social welfare services or appeals concerning basic social assistance. Matters under the Child Welfare Act and the Mental Health Act, matters concerning international protection under the Aliens' Act and appeals relating to general elections are also considered free of charge. Those who have been granted legal aid are not charged a court fee.

More information on court fees:
Court fees
Court Fee Act (1455/2015) (in Finnish and Swedish)

More information

Abovementioned information is very general. Further information is available from the Administrative Court registry, tel. +358 29 56 42069 (Mon to Fri 8.00-16.15)

Further information on appealing to an administrative court
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Security checks in courts

A security check is carried out on every person arriving or being in a court and on his or her belongings. The purpose of the security check is to prevent people bringing such objects and substances to the premises of the court that may harm other people or property. In addition, such objects and substances, the possession of which is illegal, may be confiscated in the security check.

Published 2.10.2019