Court proceedings

Normally, a party to court proceedings needs professional assistance, e.g. a civil plaintiff for bringing an action and a criminal defendant for representation by a defence counsel. However, if the matter is by nature such that the applicant can deal with it himself or herself, no legal aid will be given for the court proceedings.

Such matters include:

  • simple petitionary matters, such as uncontested divorces
  • criminal matters where only a fine is anticipated, and other clear matters, such as drunken driving
  • matters pertaining to taxes or public charges
  • matters where the claim is based on residency in a given municipality.

Public Legal Aid Offices do, however, provide advice also in these simple matters.

The client has a choice of a Public Legal Aid Attorney or a private attorney for his or her court proceedings.

However, legal aid is usually not granted if the applicant has legal expenses insurance that covers the matter at hand.

Published 11.11.2013