Custodian of a minor

Criminal liability begins at age 15. When a young person between 15 and 17 years of age is suspected of or charged with a criminal offence or is the victim of a crime, the custodian of that person will be also summoned to the interview and to the trial.

The presence of the custodian often also offers psychological support to the young person and is a demonstration of care for him or her. The custodian has the right to express his or her views, which will be of value when the sanction most appropriate for the young person is being considered or when the young person is seeking compensation for loss or damage caused by an offence.

A child who is the victim of a crime requires his or her own representative in a pre-trial investigation and trial where there is a conflict between the interests of the child and the parents. This is especially necessary if the suspect is a member of the child’s own family.

Published 19.11.2013