Summary fine procedure

The fine procedure refers to a summary processing of fines outside the courts, and to decision making using the electronic system. The procedure can only be initiated with the consent of the injured party and the suspected offender.

A fine (fixed petty fine order, fine order or penal order) is permitted as a penalty in the fine procedure, if the offence is punishable by law by a maximum sentence of 6 months of imprisonment. Additional sanctions, combined with a fine, include a forfeiture of up to 1,000 euros of proceeds of crime and a compensation of 40 euros payable to the victim.

When the fine is serviced, the suspect is given the collection code and the payment information. After the service, the fine can be paid online, through a payment terminal or at bank. The authority responsible for collecting the fines is the Legal Register Centre. As the fine processed electronically, the collection code must be included in any enquiries addressed to the authorities after the service.

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Published 24.1.2017