The Finnish Prosecution Service

Prosecutors form part of the independent Finnish Prosecution Service, which operates within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Justice. It consists of the Office of the Prosecutor General, which is a central office in Helsinki, and 11 local prosecution offices: Helsinki, Länsi-Uusimaa, Itä-Uusimaa, Salpausselkä, Western Finland, Inland Finland, Ostrobothnia, Eastern Finland, Oulu, Lapland and Åland. Within the authority of the local prosecution offices, there are also 23 service bureaus operating in different localities.

The Finnish Prosecution Service employs approximately 370 prosecutors, as well as around 130 persons in various support functions.

The Prosecutor General acts as the supreme prosecutor and the superior of the prosecutors. He also heads the Office of the Prosecutor General. Other people working in the Office include the Deputy Prosecutor General, who has the same powers as the Prosecutor General, as well as state prosecutors and other staff. A total of around 40 public servants work at the Office of the Prosecutor General.

The main duties of the Office of the Prosecutor General include taking care of the central administration, coordination, control and development of the Finnish Prosecution Service. The Office is also involved in bill drafting and matters related to international relations.

The area of each local prosecution office includes one or several municipalities. A local prosecution office is headed by a District Prosecutor-in-Charge. Other persons working in local prosecution offices include district prosecutors, junior prosecutors, who are in training for prosecutorial duties, and supporting staff. District prosecutors may specialise in certain areas of crime, such as environmental or economic crimes.

The Map of Local Prosecution Offices from 1st of August 2014 (pdf, 0.05 Mt)
Published 21.9.2017