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Court training

Court training refers to a training system that familiarises the trainees with judicial tasks and is carried out at district courts, courts of appeal and administrative courts. The training system comprises practical training, education and follow-up. The official job title of a court trainee is trainee district judge.

The training period is one year. Training may be carried out completely at a district court. Alternatively, a trainee district judge may first work six months at a district court and after that another six months at a court of appeal or administrative court. At a court of appeal or administrative court, a trainee district judge works as a referendary.

Applying for court training

The Judicial Training Board announces open court training positions once a year. A person may apply for court training by submitting an application to the Judicial Training Board, and it is possible to apply for several different training positions with the same application. The order of preference of the positions must be indicated in the application.

Required qualifications and selection criteria

A person with a Master’s degree in law, other than a Master’s degree in International and Comparative Law, with the personal characteristics necessary for the performance of the judicial tasks and with suitability for judicial decision-making may be appointed as a trainee district judge.

In the assessment of an applicant’s suitability for judicial decision-making, the applicant's academic achievements, legal expertise acquired through studies or proven in some other manner, and work experience are taken into account. The personal characteristics of an applicant may be assessed in an interview.

Judge’s oath and affirmation

Before the court training begins, the trainee district judge must give a judge’s affirmation at the district court.

Honorary title of Master of Laws with court training

The Judicial Training Board awards, upon written application, the honorary title of Master of Laws with court training for a trainee district judge who has attended to the education specified in the Act on court training and completed all the tasks assigned to him or her. A certificate of the completed training must be appended to the application.

Published 11.1.2017