Judicial Training Board

Judicial Training Board

The purpose of the independent Judicial Training Board is to plan and coordinate, jointly with the Ministry of Justice and the courts, the training of the staff involved in applying the law at the courts of law, from court traineeships to supplementary training.

The Judicial Training Board implements the application procedure for the posts of Junior Judges candidates under the Courts Act, and carries out the pre-selection. As part of the pre-selection process, the Board confirms and arranges the pre-selection exam. The Board grants the candidates who complete training programme the title of Junior Judge. The Board also carries out the centralised application procedure for court traineeships and selects and appoints Trainees to District Courts, Administrative Courts and Courts of Appeal and grants the candidates who successfully complete the court traineeship the right to use the qualification of ‘judicial training’.

The Government appoints the Judicial Training Board for a term of five years. The Board has ten members, six of which represent the court system. The Finnish Prosecution Service, members of the Finnish Bar Association, legal research and teaching, and the Ministry of Justice are each represented by one Board member. The appointment procedure for the Board members largely corresponds to the appointment procedure of the Judicial Appointments Board.

The first Judicial Training Board took up its activities on 1 January 2017 when the Courts Act entered into force. The first five-year period of the Board will therefore run from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2021.

Members of the Judicial Training Board

Composition of the Judicial Training Board from 1 January 2017 to 31 December 2021:

(Deputy members in brackets)


Kirsti Uusitalo, Justice of the Supreme Court, Supreme Court

(Tuomas Nurmi, Chief Judge of the District Court, Helsinki District Court)

Vice Chairman

Eija Siitari, Justice of the Supreme Administrative Court, Supreme Administrative Court

(Pirjo Pyhäjärvi, Chief Judge, Administrative Court of Northern Finland)


Mika Illman, District Judge, District Court of Länsi-Uusimaa

(Emil Waris, Judge of the Administrative Court of Åland)

Jaakko Kellosalo, Chief Judge, Vaasa Administrative Court

(Minna Koskinen, District Judge, Pohjois-Savo District Court)

Juha Nieminen, Judge of the Court of Appeal, Court of Appeal for Eastern Finland

(Jussi Sippola, District Judge, Helsinki District Court)

Pekka Patrakka, Insurance Judge, Insurance Court

(Ahti Kontturi, District Judge, Oulu District Court)

Ritva Sahavirta, Prosecutor General, Office of the Prosecutor General

(Kirsi Männikkö, District Prosecutor, Oulu Prosecutor’s Office)

Risto Sipilä, Advocate

(Hanna Räihä-Mäntyharju, Advocate

Sakari Melander, Associate Professor, University of Helsinki

(Jussi Tapani, Professor, Criminal Law, University of Turku)

Marika Yli-Ikkelä, Specialist, Education, Ministry of Justice

(Jarkko Mannerhovi, Senior Officer, Legal Affairs, Ministry of Justice)

The Judicial Training Board Secretary is Jaakko Turunen, Master of Laws with court training

Published 27.2.2019