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Certificate of finality

When a party requests enforcement of a decision concerning him or her, the public authority may order the party to obtain a certificate from the administrative court stating that the decision has not been challenged within the appeal period, i.e. that the decision has become final.

The administrative court may issue a certificate of finality only for a decision that may be appealed to the administrative court. A certificate of finality may be issued for a decision that has not been appealed to the administrative court. For a decision to become final it is also required that the authority has notified the party of the decision according to law and that the appeal period has expired.

The certificate may not be issued before the appeal period has run out, but the request for a certificate of finality and the documents appended to it may be submitted to the administrative court before the appeal period ends. The finality of the decision is noted on the documents and thereafter returned to the applicant.

When requesting for a certificate of finality the following documents shall be submitted to the administrative court

  • the decision of the authority in the original
  • the appeal instructions
  • a certificate on the date of notice of the decision (for example a copy of the acknowledgement of receipt)

The charge collected for the certificate of finality is determined according to the Government Decree.

A certificate of finality of a decision of the administrative court is issued by the Supreme Administrative Court.

This page contains general information about the issuance of a certificate of finality and does not apply to exceptions or special cases. For more detailed information, please contact the registries of the administrative courts.

Published 12.4.2017