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Publicity of the oral hearing

The main principle is that a hearing in an administrative court is public. However, when a document, which according to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities or other legislation is to be kept secret, is presented during the hearing, the hearing is held in full or in part without the presence of the public.

The administrative court may on the motion of a private party decide that the hearing is held without the presence of the public, if a public hearing would be detrimental to the party and a closed hearing would promote the court’s possibilities to obtain information in the matter and no public or private interest requires a that the trial must be public.

The administrative court may allow photography and tape recording in an oral hearing. Permission to record the hearing may be granted, unless this significantly compromises the protection of the privacy or the safety of a party or a witness, or disturbs the oral hearing.

Published 12.4.2017