The preparation of a matter in a court of appeal begins when the appeal document arrives at the court. The extent and form of the preparation depend on the nature of the matter. The preparation is the responsibility of a single judge of the court of appeal (the judge responsible for the preparation). When necessary, the judge is assisted in the preparation by a referendary of the court of appeal. During the preparation, the appellant may be requested to provide additional information to supplement the appeal.

If no leave for continued consideration is required for the appeal or if such leave is granted, the court of appeal continues the proceedings in the matter.

The opposing party is requested to respond to the appeal. The court of appeal may also request further statements from the parties.

It is also possible to hold a preparatory hearing, where the parties are summoned to, for clarifying relevant issues orally for the main hearing. The decision on whether a main hearing is to be held is made during the preparation. Likewise, decisions to obtain an expert opinion, to present written evidence, to make a site visit and to hear given witnesses are made during the preparation.

The preparation also includes practical measures to arrange the main hearing, such as agreeing on the date and summoning the parties and the witnesses to the hearing.

Published 1.8.2019