Trial documents

Only a minor part of the trial documents are confidential by virtue of law. Such documents are, for instance, several documents presented in trials relating to treason, documents containing sensitive information about an individual’s private life, health, disability or social welfare, photographs relating to a victim of a crime often, documents containing information on a psychiatric examination, a character examination of a young offender or a study of the feasibility of community service.

Also contact information of a party or another person involved in the trial may be kept secret if this is considered necessary, for example, to protect a person’s safety.

In certain situations the court may nevertheless order that trial documents including above mentioned information are fully or partly public.

Further, the court may order other than the above mentioned documents to be kept secret. Usually this provides that a party has requested a document to be kept secret. The district court may order a document to be kept secret under the condition that the trial document contains information which by virtue of other legislation than the Act on the publicity of court proceedings in general courts is confidential and that the publication of the information is likely to cause significant inconvenience or damage.

Published 1.8.2019