A decision of a court of appeal can be appealed against in the Supreme Court; it is, however, a prerequisite that the Supreme Court first grant leave to appeal.

The court of appeal supplies appeal instructions together with its decision. The instructions indicate whether leave to appeal is required and how the appellant should proceed in the case. Appeal instructions are supplied also with decisions which the court of appeal has handed down as the first instance.

The letter of appeal, addressed to the Supreme Court and accompanied with a request for leave to appeal and the appeal, must be submitted to the registry of the court of appeal within 60 days of the decision of the court of appeal. In cases that have been decided by the court of appeal at first instance, the letter of appeal shall, however, be submitted within 30 days.

The letter of appeal must contain the name, occupation and place of residence of the appellant, and the postal address of the appellant or his or her attorney to which any communications concerning the case can be sent to the appellant. The letter of appeal must be signed. If the postal address changes, the new address must be communicated in writing to the registry of the Supreme Court.

The court of appeal sends the letter of appeal to the Supreme Court, accompanied with a copy of the decision of the court of appeal and the documents examined by the court of appeal.

Published 8.8.2018