Application to the Supreme Court for leave to appeal

The Supreme Court may grant leave to appeal only

  • if it is important to submit the matter for decision to the Supreme Court in view of the application of the law in other similar cases or in view of the uniformity of legal praxis, or
  • if there is a special reason for this because of a procedural or other error that has been made in the case on the basis of which the judgment is to be reversed or annulled, or
  • if there is another important reason for this.

The application for leave to appeal must indicate the grounds for requesting the leave and the reasons for why the appellant considers such grounds exist. Moreover, the application must specify the decision of the court of appeal that the appellant wishes to have amended.

No leave to appeal is required in cases that have been decided by the court of appeal as the first instance.

If the Supreme Court does not grant leave to appeal, the decision of the lower court remains final.

Published 1.8.2019