Granting of a domestic adoption is petitioned for in writing at the district court in the municipality of residence of the adopters.

A person wishing to adopt a child or intending to relinquish a child for adoption must request adoption counselling from the municipal social welfare organ of his or her municipality of residence or from a licensed adoption agency. The provider of adoption counselling issues a written report on the provision of adoption counselling. The report must be appended to the petition for the granting of an adoption.

Intercountry adoption usually requires a permission granted by the Adoption Board. A prospective adopter must, as a rule, request for intercountry adoption service.

Further information on adoption is available at the municipal social welfare services.

The adoption of an adult may be granted if it has been established that, while still a minor, he or she was in the care of and was brought up by the prospective adopter or that a relationship comparable with that between a child and parent was otherwise established between him or her and the prospective adopter while the adoptee was still a minor.

The adoption of an adult does not require adoption counselling, but instead the adopter must submit a free-form application. The application must also include the adoptee’s consent.

Published 25.7.2019