Mediation procedure

Successful mediation requires that both parties have a genuine desire to reach a settlement in the case. It is not the mediator who shall find a solution to the dispute but the parties themselves.

The mediation session must be held as soon as possible. Usually, an entire day is reserved for mediation. The general goal is to complete the process from start to finish in one day. It is, however, possible that the mediation process continues for several days.

The mediation process consists of the following stages: commencement, establishment of facts, negotiation and conclusion. During the establishment of facts, the objective of the mediator is to clarify the background of the dispute, the reasons for the dispute and the parties' interests in the case. Mainly, mediation consists of discussions conducted between all the parties present, but if need be, the mediator may also discuss with the parties in private.

Mediation is usually public, but it is rare that there are any outsiders present. The parties may, however, request that mediation be conducted without any public present. Private discussions between the mediator and a party are always confidential and closed for the public.

Published 25.7.2019