Declaration of intent to appeal

The appeal process begins with a declaration of intent to appeal, which must be must be given to the district court within a week of the decision. Thereafter, the appeal document should be delivered through the district court to the court of appeal. The appeal document must be delivered within 30 days of the decision. If the appellant fails to give the declaration of intent to appeal and the appeal document to the district court in time, the decision becomes final. There is a form for the declaration of intent to appeal, but its use is not compulsory. The district court appends appeal instructions to each decision.

The opposing party of the appellant may also, even without declaring an intent to appeal, submit an appeal against a decision of a district court (a counter-appeal). The counter-appeal must be submitted within two weeks after the end of the actual appeal period. The instructions for submitting a counter-appeal are included in the appeal instructions enclosed with the decision of the district court.

Published 25.7.2019