Electronic application for a summons


The e-services of the judicial administration are intended for the use of both citizens and companies. Via the e-services, a creditor may file an application for a summons concerning an undisputed debt with a district court, follow the processing of the application, obtain a decision in the matter, and transfer it to enforcement.

Santra system

The Santra system is intended for the use of companies and corporations that file plenty of applications for a summons, such as professional debt collection agencies, the state and municipalities. Electronic filing of an application for a summons via Santra system is reserved for simple and undisputed "summary" debt collection cases. The system transfers the electronic applications sent by the plaintiff to the case management system of the district courts.

The creditor must, at his or her own expense, develop software for his or her own information system in order to be able to compile such application records that meet the set format criteria. The file format descriptions for Santra are available at the Legal Register Centre, which after running the relevant tests approves the applicant as a user of the Santra system and the register of court decisions.

The Santra applicant shall retrieve the decisions of the district court from the register.

Published 7.9.2017