Combination sentence

A reoffender who has committed another serious offence may be sentenced to a combination sentence. A combination sentence may be imposed for acts committed after 1 January 2018.

A combination sentence consists of a prison term and a one-year supervision term.

The supervision term begins immediately after the prison term has been served. The contents of the supervision term are determined on the basis of an individual risk assessment concerning the prisoner, among other things. The key obligations of a person under supervision include an obligation to stay at his or her home at pre-determined times, abstinence from substance use in events related to the supervision, participation in rehabilitation or other suitable activities, and commitment to electronic monitoring, for example by wearing an ankle monitor.

If the person under supervision seriously violates the supervision-related obligations, he or she may be sentenced to serve the remainder of the supervision term in prison. A person serving a combination sentence has no possibility to be conditionally released or placed in probationary liberty under supervision.

Published 25.7.2019