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The enforcement organisation

The enforcement organisation consists of the enforcement authorities and the enforcement administration.

Enforcement authorities

Enforcement tasks are carried out by local enforcement authorities, that is, district enforcement officers and the Åland provincial enforcement officer. These officials are assisted by assistant enforcement officers, who are in practice in charge of most individual enforcement tasks (some 2,5 million tasks per year). The enforcement offices have also clerical staff. In all, the personnel of the enforcement service numbers some 1,300.

Enforcement districts are centred on district enforcement offices ; one enforcement district normally covers the territory of one or several municipalities. There are 22 such districts in all.

Enforcement administration

The National Administrative Office for Enforcement is in charge of operative administration, such as performance guidance, training, personnel management and supervision of the enforcement services in Finland. It has been specifically tasked with ensuring regional availability of services. The Office has approximately 25 employees. The Office has sites in in Turku and Helsinki.

The Ministry of Justice manages strategic and budgetary planning as well as legislative planning.

Contact details for enforcement districts and the National Administrative Office for Enforcement

Published 12.6.2015
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