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Payment default entries for enforcement

If the debtor has no distrainable assets or garnishable income, the officer in charge will declare the lack of means and return the matter to the creditor as barred for lack of means. The creditor may re-file the enforcement request.

The enforcement authority does not maintain the credit information register but will send to the keeper of the register a list of debtors found to be lacking in means or unknown. A list will be sent also of those debtors who have been found to lack garnishable income or distrainable assets in limited enforcement proceedings.

If the debt or the distraint has been unfounded, the entry on lack of means in the credit information register is erased. The same applies if the debtor pays a debt collected by way of limited enforcement.

If a debt that is not collected by way of limited enforcement is paid, a notice of this is sent to the keeper of the credit information register on request of the debtor.

Lengthy enforcement

Lengthy enforcement has caused a payment default entry to credit information register since April 2012. Credit information companies are informed of the enforcement when the attachment of debtor’s salary, pension, other periodic income or payment schedule has been in force for a total of 18 months during past two years.

A payment default entry is not made if enforcement has been under way due to reasons not mentioned above.

Published 11.12.2013
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