Practices of public guardianship offices

Public guardians and public guardianship secretaries working at a public guardianship office deal with clients' affairs in accordance with a decision issued by a court or the Digital and Population Data Services Agency. Their tasks mainly concern clients’ financial affairs.

The practices of the public guardianship offices are described in more detail in the service pledge and in the Handbook on Public Guardianship Services.

According to the service promise, public guardianship offices provide their clients with professional and personalised guardianship services that respect the clients’ right to self-determination without posing any unnecessary restrictions.

The Handbook on Public Guardianship Services describes the activities, principles and values of the public guardianship offices. The handbook contains recommendations on how public guardianship services should be provided so that they protect the clients’ interests in the best possible manner. The handbook is available in Finnish and Swedish at the Institutional Repository for the Government.

Published 24.1.2021