You can contact financial and debt counselling services through e-services. By logging in to the services, an electronic account for financial and debt counselling will be created for you. The use of the services is secure, confidential and free of charge.

When using the services for the first time, we will ask you to give us information about your financial situation by completing the background information form. Tell us about your current financial situation, the events that have led you to the current situation, any questions that trouble your mind, and the issues for which you require help.

Once you have sent your background information form, your customer relationship with financial and debt counselling will begin. A financial and debt counsellor will reply to you in the e-services or contact you by telephone.

In the e-services, you can send and receive messages, provide an electronic power of attorney, and submit documents. Later on, a financial and debt counsellor will tell you about the documents required to help you with your situation.

When you submit documents through the e-services:

  • You should submit your documents primarily in PDF format.
  • If you send photos of your documents, make sure that the image is clear and the image quality is high.
  • Name your attachments (e.g. electricity_bill.pdf).
  • If you have a computer, start by naming all attachments and saving them on your computer’s desktop. Open the e-services, and drag and drop your attachments into the attachments field.

Thank you in advance for following our instructions.

You can use your online banking codes, a mobile certificate or an electronic identity card to identify yourself.

Go to the e-services

How do the e-services work?

When using the services for the first time:

  1. Identify yourself using your online banking codes, a certificate card or a mobile certificate.
  2. Click “Start e-service” on the front page.
  3. Financial and debt counselling is provided by Legal Aid Offices. Select the office you want to contact.
  4. Enter information about your financial situation: income, living expenses, property and debts.
  5. Once financial and debt counselling services have received your contact in the e-services, you will receive a message to the email address or mobile number you have provided.
  6. Agree on the next steps with your financial and debt counsellor.
Note: The service cannot be used with Internet Explorer.

Published 24.1.2023