Work statistics of the courts will be published on this web page. Statistics are updated every three months. Statistics are published mainly in Finnish.

The statistics on matters on these web pages have been produced directly from the information systems of the courts. The statistics have mainly been compiled for administrative purposes to monitor workloads.

Court-specific statistics (Power BI)

The report presents statistics on the number of court cases and processing times starting from the beginning of 2020. You can go to court-specific statistics through the links on the right or the tabs at the bottom of the page.

For data protection reasons, statistics do not show groups with less than five observations. These groups are marked with an asterisk (*) in the statistics. Groups with more than five observations have also been hidden in order to prevent identification in cases where there would otherwise be only one hidden group and the number of observations in the hidden group could be deduced. In the statistics of the administrative courts, the groups of matters have been merged in order to prevent identification.

Requests for statistical information

The National Court Administration cannot produce statistics on request because this has been assigned to the Legal Register Centre in accordance with sections 14.1 and 15.3 of the Act on the national data reserve of the judicial administration.

You can enquire court statistics from the Legal Register Centre's information service .

You can also enquire the statistics of an individual court from that court.

Statistics elsewhere

Until 2013, the court statistics published by Statistics Finland can be found at:

Statistics Finland will no longer produce matter classification specific statistics from 2014 onwards.

The work statistics published by the Ministry of Justice until 2019 can be found in the Institutional Repository for the Government:

Statistics of the judiciary can be found on Statistics Finland (including convictions) at:

Cases suspended and unresolved due to the coronavirus epidemic (

Further requests for statistical information may be addressed to the Legal Register Centre .

Published 25.10.2023