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‍You can use our e-services at your convenience.

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You can talk to a financial and debt counsellor on weekdays at 9.00–12.00.

Please reserve enough time for the call and have information on your income, expenses and debts at hand when you call us. If necessary, we will book you an appointment.

You can reach us by calling +358 29 566 1827.

Information on our services is available by phone on weekdays at 8.00-16.15.

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If you wish to have a meeting with a financial and debt counsellor, please contact the relevant office by phone or using the e-services to book an appointment. You can meet a financial and debt counsellor in person or remotely.

Visit a fi­nan­cial ad­vice clinic

Financial advice clinics provide help with financial questions big and small. You can visit a financial advice clinic without booking an appointment, with a low threshold.

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